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This privacy statement applies to all visitors to the website;


1. Website, management and content

This website and its contents are owned and managed by NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V.

Our contact details can be found on this website under the links "CONTACT" or “GET IN TOUCH”.


2. Copyright

Nothing from any text, designs, moods or images, in whatever which form or in any way whatsoever, on this website is permitted being copied, multiplied and/or made public without prior written permission from NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V.


3. Applicability of terms of use

These conditions, privacy statement or terms of use always apply to every visit to and use of our website, as well as the information, recommendations and information or services provided to the user on this website.


4. Information on this website

NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. compiles this website with care and strives to ensure that all information on the site is always as accurate and complete as possible. Deficiencies, as a result of human error and/or technical malfunctions, however, can always occur so that the correctness and completeness of the displayed information can’t always be guaranteed entirely.

In order to avoid any confusion regarding this responsibility, you are informed that NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. is not liable for any (financial) damage resulting from your decision(s) to use the information on this website.


5. Privacy policy for visitors of

5a NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act (AVG in Dutch). NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. is careful with the data it has obtained and will ensure that the processing of the data complies with the currently applicable laws and regulations.

5b Data resulting from one or more visits to NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. are stored anonymously. All IP addresses are therefor anonymous. 

The obtained data can not be traced back to any person and/or organization.

5c NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. ensures good security of the stored data.

5d The collected data will never be shared with third parties.


6. Cookie policy

6a NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. uses functional cookies to optimize the functionality of certain pages of the website. As a result, NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. serves visitors better, for example by optimizing the content of certain web pages.

Cookies are not harmful to your computer and can be removed at any time via your browser.

This makes the site more user-friendly for all kind of visitors. 

6b The visitor can decide how cookies should be handled and his/her browser can be set in such a way that it allows, does not allow or partially allows the use of functional cookies.

6c NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. uses WIX and Google Analytics.

We use these services to keep track and to get brief reports on how visitors use our website. With this information we improve the website and optimize this website for our visitors. The information that WIX and Google collects is anonymized. 

The IP address you use is not included within this info.

6d On the following website you can find more information about the use of cookies within the EU:


7. Disclaimer

NBLN Creative Consultancy B.V. is entitled to change the content of the Privacy Policy without visitors being informed.

The implementation of the change on the website is sufficient for this.

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